Zhejiang Misai Silk Co.,Ltd.

In 1983, the company leading product Z/17 of white filature silk, won the national silver medal


In 1988, was approved as a national level two enterprise


In 1991, through the national level enterprise formal assessment, become the country's silk industry only a state first grade enterprise


In 1991, won the national quality management award, energy-saving national level demonstration enterprise title


In 1993, "Misai" brand white plant silk was rated as brand-name products in Zhejiang Province


In 1996, the leading product "in Z/17 white plant silk as raw materials Misai" brand knitted silk garment was rated as brand-name products in Zhejiang Province


In 1998, the company's "Misai" trademark was identified as Zhejiang famous trademark, and continues today


2000 "Misai" brand of raw silk and silk knitted garment continue to be recognized as famous brand products in Zhejiang Province


In 2003, the company and the "Misai" brand silk knitting garment is China Silk Association recognized as the first batch of suspension of high-grade silk mark of the enterprise and product (the national seventeen home, the only company in Jiaxing area), and continues today


In 2013, the company was rated as Haining city and Jiaxing city of agricultural leading enterprises


2013 "Misai" brand silk knitted garment was recognized as "Jiaxing Consumer Protection Committee recommended products"


In 2014, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiaxing a Zhejiang silk trading company was rated as "consumer trust units in Haining city"