Zhejiang Misai Silk Co.,Ltd.

In 1921, Ding Xin silk mill run


In 1929, Dingxin filature was disc to buy, built an silk factory


In 1952 October, China second filature silk company and public Changan silk factory merged to form the local state-owned Zhejiang silk factory


In 1977, officially put into operation in automatic silk reeling machine


In 1986, silk knitting and garment projects put into operation


In 1986, Zhejiang a Zhuang cocoon station by the collection, drying, transport changed to self closing, self drying, use of raw cocoons


In 1987, the only one approved by the provincial government to implement "silk reeling valuation, portfolio sale cocoon cocoon cocoon Station"


In 1993 December, Zhejiang silk factory was renamed Zhejiang Misai silk group company

In 2001 December, the company restructuring, the formation of a Zhejiang Misai silk Co. Ltd.

In 2012, the company invested to set up Jiaxing Zheyi Silk Trading Co. Ltd.