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Zhejiang Misai Silk Co.,Ltd. the earliest can be traced back to 1921 created Dingxin silk factory, in 1953 by the public-private partnership renamed Zhejiang state silk factory, founded in 1993 to further Zhejiang metres silk group company, 2001 by the enterprises and the establishment of the company.


The company is located in Changan Town, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 107000 square meters, of which construction area of 68000 square meters, a beautiful environment, "the ancient canal" wear factory over the wall line, Shanghai Hangzhou railway, Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed and hang PU high speed across the north and South, the traffic is very convenient.


Companies registered capital of 10000000 yuan, the main production equipment of automatic reeling machine 10 sets of /4000 threads, import the big garden machine 22 sets, domestic circular machine 10 sets, all kinds of imported 160 sewing machines, dyeing and finishing equipment 15 Taiwan, there are two cocoon cooperative in Haining, formed from the cocoon baking to silk - weaving - dyeing - clothing sales complete the cocoon silk industry one-stop chain, the technical level reached the international advanced level, and equipped with and supporting the production of water steam supply facilities and sewage treatment station, also has three joint ventures and wholly-owned subsidiary.


As the vanguard of the industry, and has made important contributions to the development of the national economy, the enterprise has repeatedly won the national Ministry, province, city, the relevant aspects of the awards. Technology, won the national technology achievement prize two, four prize in China National Silk Industry Science and technology progress, Zhejiang province science and technology achievement prize two or three, was named provincial excellent enterprise management and operation; hand, was named as the national communications system economic benefits of advanced unit, the national measurement two enterprises, energy-saving state demonstration enterprises, award of quality management department, the provincial civilized units. In 1991 through the national level enterprise formal evaluation, become China's silk reeling industry the only national enterprises.


The company leading product Z/17 of white filature silk and "meters" silk knitted garment series, mostly exported to Europe and America, Japan, Hongkong and other countries and regions, domestic sales involving twenty provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). The joint venture company has Haining Huasai Silk Garment Co. Ltd., mainly in the production of silk and silk underwear, swimsuit bra designs mainly; another is the Haining Star Knitting Co Ltd, mainly the production of high-grade knitted the five toe socks; and Zhejiang Wei Qi silk limited company of science and technology, the Southwestern University Biotechnology Institute of relying on the State Key Laboratory of most the new research results, new silk industrialization of research and product development and market development. There is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiaxing Zhejiang silk trading company, which integrates the parent company resources, emphatically carries on the brand promotion and trade development, mainly engaged in silk trade and distribution of silk clothing, apparel, home textiles such as silk, the following several "Misai silk" stores, franchise all kinds of high-grade silk clothing and silk home textile and have a good reputation.


In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, the company to "Guoyou silver products meters" brand Z/17 white plant silk as a strong backing, with Zhejiang famous brand and Zhejiang famous trademark as the guide, to improve enterprise management level and product quality level for the purpose of speeding up the development of domestic and foreign market development. In 2003, the company passed the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system certification, products in more than two two high (many varieties and styles, high technology content, high added value) made breakthrough development, establishes an ordered information network and marketing network. Around the enterprise long-term development strategy, the company continued to strengthen the brand construction, focus on adjusting the economic structure, in 2014 in cooperation with Southwestern University, established Zhejiang Misai silk Co., Ltd academician expert workstation, set up a "National Key Laboratory of silkworm genome biology, Jiaxing engineering technology center", began the development of silk production of new products, to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to enhance the ability of innovation of science and technology, in order to revitalize the sericulture and silk industry.